Friday, July 30, 2010

Organic Oatmilk by new essentials

Yes..i just bought this product yesterday...(sebab ada sale,harge asal rm53.80 after discount rm45...owh berbaloi2 kowt)

basically,product ni khas utk org2 yg allergic dgn cow milk or soy based product and vegan aka kpd sesape yg ada anak 12months ke atas xmo minum susu,nie solution terbaek!

antara khasiat yang terkandung didalam oatmilk nie
1.sebab dia organic selamat untuk diminum yehaaa (no gmo okey)
2.high in calcium
3.non-dairy (zero fat lar yea) in omega 3&6
5.lactose and gluten free
6.enrich with prebiotic and sugar free


sgt berbaloi2 juga kepada:
1.kpd sesape yg ada org tersayang menghidapi penyakit jantung dan blood vessel sila lar beli yea...
2.sesape yg menghidapi arteriosclerosis or lactose intolerance pun bole mengamalkannyer.

untuk maklumat lanjut sila lawati sesawang ini:

maaf lagik,masih tak berjaye nk embed link di atas...copy paste lar yea..

selamat mencube and sihat slalu dgn penuh senyuman...luv u all...muaaah!

Friday, July 23, 2010

holla! como estas???

so hopefully semuanya okey n sihat2 belake...
ok, dah lama agak nyer tak update blog yg hari ni nak share good stuff dgn kamu2 semua...

link di atas(maaf terpakse lar kamu semua meng copy link tersebut, sebab masih tak berjaya nk buat direct link hehe)

ni antara oat yg family ily makan time breakfast...and sometimes campur bran skali tak kisah nk campur ke tak...n bran boleh add skali dalam salad...gud for ur health! :o)

korang bole usha product2 Country Farm nie kt link2 di atas...

and the besh thing i like bout CF, dia ada organic miso soup...mmg besh sebab ily suke miso nie...add tofu,garlic,seaweed n makan dgn buckwheat noodle or noodle fave korang...

ok lar sampai disini saja...

stay healthy n young!!!!muaaah...luv u...!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

hara hachi bu! ways to lose weight without dieting!

as my luv to all my friends n readers out there are unconditionally i present u tips that u can use when dieting is out of question....

happy reading minna!

Friday, July 2, 2010

biskut kelape bersama air mineral....>blogwalking :o)


sudah lame tak update blog nie...entry yg lain juga kering,sepi n sunyi. sorry for the past few weeks nie sesgt busy menyiapkan paper utk conference nov 2010 nie. Alhamdulillah, final paper yg telah di refined byk kali telah selamat di hantar ptg tadi...well the dateline is actually today 2nd july but luckily the panel n organizer is from my be precise my own supervisor...hehe
considering this is the first time for me to create a piece of 'new knowledge', i give myself a sweet compliment....jeng jeng jeng kebab kambing tomorrow! yeeehaaaa....

tak byk cerita menarik yang berlaku sepanjang ketiadaan tuan punyer blog nie...but salah satu nyer dr hari ini punyer kisah idop, seorang apek yg menaiki motor penuh dgn barang2 dgn memakai topi....erk...tin beso yg dicat warne putih n di conteng2....tak tau lar nk gelak ke simpati...sayang tak sempat nk snap 'yeye' tersebut...
mmg lucu, tapi bg tuan punyer blog nie hanya mampu ternganga.nasib baik dlm kete kalu tak dah lame lalat terbang masuk... (-_-") kejadian berlaku di bandar kajang yg hiruk pikuk n congested slalu....di harap semoge 'yeye' tersebut dpt sebiji helmet, agak bahaya pakai tin tersebut even he did make the effort to put a small string as if it was a tali keledar...sesape yg baik hati or in case terjumpe 'yeye' tersebut sedekahkan lar helmet...

sekarang dh pukul 1am, and rase nyer perlu beransur dahulu...dh beberape hari tidur asik tergangu...

gud nite every1 n sweet dream...

p/s:forgive me for everythg psb....

Monday, June 28, 2010

sabah seaweed crisps....yum yum :)

yuh, kali ini entry ttg snack local yg amat berkhasiat n besh n sedap!

jeng jeng jeng...

Sabah Seaweed Snack...(maap yea, pic teda pulak)

brand: Khalesda

sayang, teda address...seyesly sgt those happen to be in sabah or going to sabah please do search for this local snack...n kindly inform me...already addicted to it...

happy healthy life peeps! luv yar all.... :D

Monday, April 12, 2010

food=blood type

here are the link to what kind of food we can consume according to our blood type...

its scary, i know...better late thn never! start change our diet the right way!

besh of luck everyone!


i thought it will be no problem posting this korean website on organic farming... after all, korean did a very good/excellent job on promoting organic farming...hehe

wish they translate it into english!


below is the link to cetdem...

organic farming news and community that venture in organic farming...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sukin organic!

konichiwa minna!

well, hope you guys happy n healthy like always...

sukin organics is an australian natural skincare. Although it might be a bit pricey but it worth every penny you invested in this product skincare. me myself have using Sukin body lotion and its great! well no Sodium Laureth Sulphat (SLS) Yippie! as you know SLS claimed to one of the contributor to cancer WHOA! almost all shower cream product in the market contained far as i knw (after the pain checking all shower products) only shakubutsu didnt contained, i'm using it plus it smell nice!

below are the website about Sukin organics products

i was thrilled and happy when i first discovered this organic products and too happy and i want to share it with you guys!you can buy it at Watson outlets.but bare in mind some of the outlet didnt have the full range of this product. i will let you know if found one that have it.

okey till then...stay happy and healthy! smile always!!!! muaaahhhh!

Howdy! go organic!

hey all,
i'm starting my new blog about organic stuff. whatever things that got to do with organic as an alternative to chemical agents, i'll try my besh to share it with you...
promoting a good and healthy ways of life is my top priority...

(as usual, mind my bad english,well english is the most ridiculous language in the entire world aight??hehe)

today's topic will be on this not so widely known fruit called PAW PAW...

i came a cross with this fruit while eating my natural muesli..its definitely good for your body and it is said well not scientifically proven that it might one of the fruit which can prevent cancer.

for further reading you may click on this site..

okey guys...till then, stay healthy and happy muaaaahhhh! ~(*v*)~